Looking for a way to get out of your warm Minnesota home this winter? You’ve come to the right place! The US Ice Fishing Association has all the information you need to find the perfect icy spot and all Ice Fishing Tournaments. You can find a full calendar from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources here. Our Minnesota anglers are some of the friendliest people you’ll find.

If you are looking to get into Ice Fishing, there are some steps and safety precautions you should know about. You will need a fishing license from the Department of Natural Resources. You can find all information here Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources There are several different types of licenses. You will also need an Ice Auger to dig a 6-8” hole into the ice. Equipment for ice fishing is a little different than open water fishing equipment, starting with a shorter pole to be able to angle and work in confined spaces. Many anglers have a small ice shanty that can be heated. These shanty’s go by many a name…ice hut, ice shack, ice house, fish shack, fishing shanty, bobhouse or dark house. Whatever you call yours, be sure you have proper ventilation for any space heaters you may use. One of the most beloved tools of the professional ice fishermen is the PICKLE BUCKET! That’s right, if you want an overpriced pickle bucket, make sure and buy it right here in Minnesota during the winter. These sometimes hard to find “lazy boy” stools can become quite the commodity during our 10 months out of the year that we have Ice Fishing Tournaments. We even have padded ones! That’s an upgraded pickle bucket! 

Whether you’re Ice Fishing for the first time or a true weathered professional born and raised on the ice, we hope you’ll join us for all Minnesota Ice Fishing Events this winter. The US Ice Fishing Association is here to support our anglers and help you find the perfect place to freeze on a pickle bucket! We hope you’ll join us soon at one of our Ice Fishing Events and Adventures.